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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Put aside the idea of making a Tamil as Prime Minister. First give Tamil language its due place

Put aside the idea of making a Tamil as Prime Minister. First give Tamil language its due place

Reports sent from Regional Offices of New India Assurance Company to Head Office should be in Hindi only and replies sent to them from the head office should be in Hindi only. This is a new order from the Head office of the New India Assurance Company, a public sector insurance organization.
It is blatant language imposition by the New India Assurance Company head office that Hindi should rule even in offices in non-Hindi speaking states. 

This is an injustice done to the Eighth Schedule languages including Tamil and other state languages. This can never be allowed; should not be allowed.
For the past few years, the central government has been trying to impose Hindi from education to culture through educational institutes, radio, cultural programs, and now its trying to impose Hindi through New India Assurance Company. This cannot be accepted in any way.

Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has warned that he will not allow this imposition of Hindi and that DMK will do everything possible in protest activities. DMK is also leading the protest. Other political party leaders are also registering their condemnation. The Central Government should not support New India Assurance Company's act of imposing Hindi in the name of official language use. The central government should direct the management of New India Assurance to immediately withdraw the circular imposing Hindi.
When Hindi is imposed on people who speak other languages, it creates resentment. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, whatever means the central government tries to impose Hindi, the Tamil people will defeat it. Tamil Nadu will never accept Hindi imposition; It is well known that Tamils will never accept. If you look at the history of Tamil Nadu, you will understand.

Put aside the idea to make a Tamil as Prime Minister. First recognize Tamil as the official official language of the Central Government and as the language of litigation in the High Court.