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Today Date : Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rahul must accept Cong President post

Rahul must accept Cong President post

All the parties are already preparing for the 2024 parliamentary elections. While the BJP is formulating its strategies, the opposition parties are also preparing on the other side.  

The absence of a leader for the main opposition Congress is seen as a major setback since Sonia Gandhi has been acting as the interim president of the Congress party. 

Many Congress leaders, including Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Ghelot, have been openly saying that Rahul Gandhi should take over the party leadership again. But Rahul Gandhi is adamant about his decision not to want the post of president. Like Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi is reluctant to accept the post of Congress president.

But the current reality is that the Congress party is weak compared to the BJP. If we want to recover from it and increase its strength, it is necessary to appoint a new leader for the Congress. At the same time, it is also clear that it is very difficult for someone outside the Sonia Gandhi family to lead the party.

In this exciting political environment, Sonia Gandhi has announced that the internal party election to elect the Congress president will be held on October 17. 

It is reported that the election results will be released on the 19th.  If someone outside the Sonia Gandhi family is likely to be elected as Congress President, then Ashok Ghelot, K.C Venugopal, Meera Kumar, KumariSelija, Kamal Nath,P Chidambaram and BhupeshBagal are said to have a chance. It is said that Ashok Ghelot is most likely to be selected.

However, the time to carry forward the 2024 parliamentary election campaign is approaching. At this time, the only wish of the Congress workers is that Rahul Gandhi should be the next president rather than electing another leader; No matter who else is made the leader, it is inevitable that the party will be able to strengthen if Rahul Gandhi is promoted.

 The BJP is campaigning to weaken the Congress by giving the impression that there is a rift in the emotional bond between the Congress and India. To overcome it, Rahul Gandhi is going to walk from Kanyakumari to Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi, who has dedicated his life for the Congress, should assume the leadership of the Congress; It is not right to say no. If it is true that he wants to work for the party, then Rahul Gandhi should accept the responsibility of the leader without worrying about success or failure.

That is good for Congress; Good for the country too!