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Today Date : Sunday, June 23, 2024

Read Good Books to develop broad mindedness: Prof. Abdul Qader

Read Good Books to develop broad mindedness: Prof. Abdul Qader

Professor Abdul Qader said that good  books should be read to get broadmind and overcome differences.
Addressing at the Erode Book Festval, he said that poet  Bharati, who created awareness that the country should be freed from alien rule, deeply emphasized the idea that humanity should grow.  Human beings live by creating divisions among themselves like caste, religion, race and language. 

These differences are not innate, but created by society. 
It helped  Britishers who came into India to enslave more than 30 crore Indians with just having just 10,000 people. 

So, the unity of the country should promoted. 90 percent of the country's assets are held by 10 percent of people. This disparity is increasing the poverty in the society. So people should develop good thoughts and qualities and remove  the evils of the society.

 Today's lifestyle has turned man into a machine. By following the path shown by Bharathi, people should become humane. We need to get rid of differences in the society and develop a broad mind. For this reading good books is essential.

Along with knowledge, virtues are developed by reading books. So never stop reading books. It should be realized that those who live usefully for the country and the home are the best people, he added.  Dr. Sankara Saravanan, Joint Director, Tamil Nadu Textbook Society also spoke.