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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Reckitt launches Gaviscon Double Action in Tamil Nadu

Reckitt launches Gaviscon Double Action in Tamil Nadu

 Reckitt, a global leader in consumer health, hygiene, and nutrition, under its brand Gaviscon,  launched Gaviscon Double Action in Tamil Nadu, offering consumers a solution to acid reflux. In a world where fast-paced lifestyles, changing food habits and mounting stress levels have become the norm with symptoms of acid reflux becoming bothersome. The burden of this condition is felt not only globally but in India as well. 

To shed light on the rising problem of reflux, Gaviscon hosted a panel discussion with esteemed experts including Professor Dr. Peter Kahrilas (Gilbert H. Marquardt, Professor of Medicine), Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine and Professor Dr. Pali Hungin, Emeritus Professor at Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University.

The expert panel highlighted, “ Managing reflux effectively is a two-fold approach – alleviating the acid contributing to the symptoms and establishing a physical barrier to supress the reflux of stomach contents. Understanding the full spectrum of symptomatic reflux and employing relevant management strategies can significantly enhance patient care."

Commenting on the launch, Edward Thomas, Global Medical Marketing Manager, Gaviscon and Manav Sohal, Brand Manager, Reckitt India (Strepsils and Gaviscon) said, "The Gaviscon Double Action is the latest addition in the range of solutions that we have introduced in India. The launch symposia held is going to be invaluable in terms of knowledge dissemination related to the problem of reflux and on improving patient care in India.”