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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Religious identity for Valluvar: Governor’s  diversion job?

Religious identity for Valluvar: Governor’s diversion job?

On his social media page, Tamil Nadu Governor R.N. Ravi posted a photo of Thiruvalluvar wearing saffron attire. Thiruvalluvar was described as "a bright saint of the Sanatana tradition" in it.Not only has the governor's post sparked controversy, but it has also wounded Tamils' hearts.
Tamil Nadu residents are vehemently objecting to this. On his X page, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin harshly criticised the statement, "No one can tarnish Valluvar in Tamil Nadu, he has said."
Is the Governor trying to equate Thiruvalluvar, who composed Thirukkural, which is revered by all countries as an universalworld sacred book with Sanathanam?The governor should not state something as though he has come without knowing the history of Ayyan Valluvar, who leads the people by showing the free path of Kural.It is not good for a governor to talk like this. 
He should first read and understand the entire Tirukkural book. Only then that he will realize that he does not even know the basics about Thirukkural and Valluvar. Governor R.N Ravi, who forms a committee for anything, may also form a committee of Tamilian scholars to get clarity on this.
Instead of talking about Ayyan Thiruvalluvar, he should try to follow the constitution.
Minister Mano Thangaraj has raised doubts whether the governor is doing this to deflect the Sanathanam controversy between Modi & Shankaracharyas. `
Will Governor R.N Ravi accept the minister's challenge and answer the Shankaracharyas who said that it is not acceptable for Prime Minister Modi to touch the Ram statue as per Sanatana Dharma Shastras?