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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Reservation only on education  and social conditions

Reservation only on education and social conditions

There is a big threat to the principles of social justice, said the Chief Minister MK Stalin during an all-party meeting organized in the city to discuss the next court of action after the Supreme Court had upheld the reservation for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS).

Political parties including DMK, MDMK, PMK and VCK had taken part in the meeting. Speaking at the gathering, the Chief Minister said, “There is a big threat to the principles of social justice and the all-party meeting was organized to keep the basic principles intact. People who have been opposing reservation following the claims that people with talent and eligibility are not getting opportunities, are now supporting the reservation for EWS.”

Reservation is something that is implemented for the upliftment of the communities that were opposed in the name of caste, he said, pointing out that the constitution does not mention anything about reservation for economically weaker sections.

Reservation should only be based on social and education conditions, he said and added, “We will not oppose anything that is being implemented for the welfare of the poor people and we have been implementing several welfare schemes for the public without any caste-based difference. 

So, people should not think that we are against the welfare of poor people in forward castes.” Reservation on economic conditions is against social justice and the principles of constitution, he added. “In 1920, the Justice party which has been ruling the province passed an order to ensure class-based representation and it is only after that people who have been opposed for centuries together, had started going to schools and colleges. 

They got employment opportunities in different sectors.  The High Court in 1950 squashed the orders that posed threat to the reservation and the Supreme Court had upheld the High Court’s direction,” he said.
The constitution allows reservation only those who are lagging behind in social and educational aspects and the same was reiterated in all the amendments, he said, emphasizing the need to provide reservation only on social and education conditions.