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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Retail Industry influencers  connect  event by Ginesys held

Retail Industry influencers connect event by Ginesys held

Ginesys a top technology solutions provider for retail businesses recently organized Ginesys Connect, an exclusive event for the retail community in Chennai. Ginesys Connect is a series of events that aims to bring together the retail community highlighting the importance of technology, capital, and mindset along with the challenges required to strengthen the future of Indian retail in the face of global e-commerce majors.

The event featured keynotes and discussions around the topic, “Trends driving growth and shaping the future of retail’ by Mr. Abhijit Banerjee co-founder and Upwisery, a professional advisory and financial services firm.

Mr. Rohit Khetan, VP of Marketing & Strategy, Ginesys said, “At Ginesys we are providing the industry with the latest in cloud and AI to enable a shift to digital-led retail. With Ginesys, our customers have the advantage of creating and managing their web store and marketplace business as well as their offline retail business with a single suite.”