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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Roots of democracy Don't move!

Roots of democracy Don't move!

Appointment of judges in Supreme Court and High Courts is done by collegium system. The Union Government appoints new judges on the recommendation of the judges present in the collegium. Accordingly, the collegium asked for the appointment of judges in various courts in the country. But the Union Government has not given any decision to it. Due to this, judges are not appointed in many courts.

Subsequently, the conflict between the judiciary and the Union Government came to light. Speaking at an event last November, Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju strongly criticized the collegium system. He criticized the practice as fundamentally flawed, saying judges in the collegium system nominate lawyers they know as judges and similarly recommend judges they know for promotion.

Subsequently, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar also expressed displeasure that the judiciary was controlling Parliament. Also, yesterday Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju said, “The real beauty of Indian democracy is its success. "Only those who ignore the provisions of the Constitution and the mandate of the people think that they are above the Constitution of India," he said, hinting at the Supreme Court.

This shows that the differences between the Supreme Court and the Union Government are increasing. This is a great thing for democracy. Democrats and every citizen want this trend to change. In this context, Prime Minister Modi's sudden praise for the opinion of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has become a topic of conversation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appreciated Chief Justice of India TY Chandrachud's recent comments on delivering Supreme Court judgments in regional languages. 

The Chief Justice was speaking at a function organized by the Maharashtra and Goa Bar Council in Mumbai yesterday. Citing this, PM Modi tweeted, "In a recent function, Chief Justice TY Chandrachud spoke about the need to strive for availability of Supreme Court judgments in regional languages. He also suggested using technology for that. It's a laudable idea, it will help many. Especially the youth.

India has many languages which add to our cultural vibrancy. The Union Government is taking several initiatives to promote Indian languages, including giving the option of studying subjects like engineering and medicine in one's mother tongue," the Prime Minister said.

At a time when the war between the Supreme Court and the Union Government is over, this appreciation of Prime Minister Modi is welcome. Anyone should not forget that only if the relationship between the two sides is normalized will democracy flourish in the country. Let no one attempt to shake the very roots of democracy. It is not good for the country!