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Today Date : Monday, May 20, 2024

Rs 1,000 for women a historical achievement!

Rs 1,000 for women a historical achievement!

The Dravidian model government, which created a huge renaissance by implementing the free bus scheme for women, has now announced a monthly stipend of Rs 1,000 for women.One of the 5 files signed by M.K.Stalin when he took office as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was that women can travel in city buses for free. Through this free travel, the women got a saving of Rs 1,000 on their expenses till then. It is celebrated as a great boon for working women. It is the largest pilot project in the country.

This free bus travel scheme is another example of how the Dravidian movement is a movement that talks about women's rights but is also a government that implements them. Another jewel in this historic achievement is the announcement that the scheme of providing Rs 1,000 monthly assistance to women will be implemented from September 15. In this announcement Finance Minister PalanivelThiagarajan said, “The Dravida Model Government is planning and working to raise the level of women who constitute 50 percent of the society with equality. Whenever the DravidaMunnetraKazhagam government is formed, we are implementing programs to raise women in education, administration, powerful responsibilities, economy and society”.

“From giving women property rights and separate reservation in local bodies to providing them with free bus travel today, we have always been working diligently to protect the welfare of women and uphold their rights. We have promised in the election manifesto that the heads of families will be given 1,000 rupees per month. The Hon'ble Chief Minister who has implemented innovative schemes, continues to advise that this promise of giving rights to women should also be firmly fulfilled. 

Based on that, I am very happy to announce that an entitlement amount of Rs.1,000 per month will be provided to the heads of eligible families in the coming financial year. The minister said this. Political observers say that Rs 1,000 per month assistance followed by free bus travel for women is definitely a historic achievement. The women in every home celebrate and welcome this scheme and await for the month of September”. Congratulations to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin who is running Dravida model government!