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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Rs 7166 cr crop loan  distributed this year

Rs 7166 cr crop loan distributed this year

Dr. J. Radhakrishnan, Principal Secretary, Cooperatives, visited the Chintamani Cooperative Fair Price Shop at Vadakovai, Coimbatore, and distributed 2kg/5kg gas cylinders to the consumers. DRO P.S. Leela Alex, Co-op joint registrar  Parthiban, Coimbatore District Consumer Wholesale Stores Managing Director D. Prabhu
Later, the Secretary told reporters:

 The gas cylinder distribution scheme through fair shops is available in more than 12 districts. A target of giving Rs 12,000 crore crop loan through cooperative banks was set this year. So far  9,51,956 people have been given loans of Rs.7,166.49 crore. In this financial year, 1.56 lakh new members have been enrolled in banks and 1.28 lakh people have been given loans of Rs.848.1 crore.

In delta areas  1.831 crore loans were given to 1.88 lakh farmers, Rs. 801 crore loans to 1.76 lakh farmers for livestock and Rs. 5013 cr  crore loans to 14.51 lakh people have been waived through 697 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies. 13.12 lakh families have been benefited so far. Work is in progress to waive Rs 2,755 crore to the 1.17 lakh Women SHGs. Rs.474 crore loan was provided to 14,457 SHGs. Co-operative societies were first started in Tamil Nadu in 1904 in Tiruvalluvar district. 

Cylinder Distribution Scheme

There are 22,923 different cooperative societies having Rs.66,676 crore deposit.  There are 14 cooperative registrars. 60,000 crore loan has been given through various co-op banks.  16 types of loans, including agricultural loans of Rs 10,892 crores, jewelry loans of Rs 40,000 crores, house building loans, have been provided. Through Department of Food Safety, 8.47 lakh matric tonnes of paddy has been procured from September to till now and Rs.1,616.08 crore has been given to 1.21 lakh farmers.

Also, 1,058 farmers will be given an amount of Rs.13.05 crore for the purchase. Renovation of dilapidated Fair Price Shops is underway across Tamil Nadu. At the rate of 75 shops per district, renovation of Fair Price Shops has been going on since July. 4746 full-time shops, 416 Part-time shops, a total of 5,164 shops, have been given ISO certification.

2,952 shops have been selected for painting and renovation and painting work has been completed for 2,152 shops. There are a total of 35,693 fair price shops in Tamil Nadu. 3,588 Mobile Fair Price Shops are functioning. 5,307 warehouses have been registered through cooperative societies. Of 4,044 warehouses, 1307 warehouses have been registered by Primary Agriculture Co-operative Society, he added.