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Today Date : Friday, June 21, 2024

Ryots besiege PWD Office

Ryots besiege PWD Office

Keezhbavani farmers besieged  Public Works Department office at Erode against  introduction of turn irrigation system for the first time in Keezbavani Ayakat now. Protesting against this, ryots led by association leaders Ravi,Tulasi Mani Swathantararasu, and  Sengottaiyan besieged the office of Public Works Department and asked the Executive Engineer of PWD Kannan to withdraw the new norm.

The petitioners have said that on August 12, water was released from Keezbhavani dam for irrigating 1.035 lakh acres in the ayacut in Erode, Tirupur and Kovai districts. According to the order issued by the government, water will be released without any interruption for the next 120 days, but now the authorities are stopping the release of water in each branch channel for one day in a week.When the paddy seedling is ready, the planting work has started.

During the planting work, the water is stopped and the growth of the paddy plant will be affected.We consider it a ploy by the authorities to implement the project of putting concrete in the canal. The dam has 102 feet of water out of the total 105 feet. Usually 2300 cusecs of water is released in the main canal but now they are releasing less water from the dam.

They said that it took two days for the water to reach the tail end area under the branch canal. At present, ninety percent of the ayacut is under paddy cultivation  in the Ayakat. Due to the new practice and it will be completely affected, so we are against this.  But the officials said the new norm was introduced due to check seepage of water in the canal and ensure water in the tail end atea.  We are going to stage strong protest in the farmers grievance day meeting to be chaired by collector at the collectorate on Friday, they said.