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Today Date : Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Ryots seek water release  from LBP Dam from August 1

Ryots seek water release from LBP Dam from August 1

Many ryots sought release of water for irrigation from the LBP dam from August 1, white addressing the farmers grievance redressal day function held at the Collectorate. 

They said now the excess water is left in the Bavani river and wastefully mixed in the sea. The repair works of the Kilbhavani canal should be completed immediately and water should be opened for irrigation from August 1 for next 135 days. 

Fertilizers are sold at extra cost in shops.  It should be monitored and action taken. The district administration should publish a white paper on the procedures involved in taking gravel soil and silt. 

Farmers have been going to every office for the past 6 months seeking permission to take soil to strengthen the Tadapalli-Arakankottai irrigation canal. By using single permit across Tamil Nadu, several lakh loads of gravel were sold. 

The authorities should explain on what basis it is allowed. Before giving permission to stone quarries in TN Palayam areas, the district administration should give a notice to the public and take a decision after that. 

In the Talavadi area, bore wells up to 1,500 feet are dug in the arable lands and they are doing agriculture by absorbing the water.  Thus the natural environment of the forest is hit. Rules for setting up bore wells should be made and strictly enforced. 

Government should not encourage cultivation of cash crops in forest areas. Due to the use of fertilizers and pesticides in forest areas, wild animals are forced to drink poisoned water. 

Therefore, permission should not be given to set up fertilizer stores in forest areas. He said that agricultural officials should monitor the use of fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural lands. 

K.R.Suthandararaju said the district administration should make appropriate arrangements so that the farmers can easily contact the officials