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Today Date : Friday, July 12, 2024

Sadhguru disgusted with political slander against women

Sadhguru disgusted with political slander against women

In his first major video where he is seen talking after the crucial brain surgery, Sadhguru, Founder-Isha Foundation, is seen strongly condemning the rising sexist and derogatory comments towards women leaders in the Indian political discourse ahead of national elections 2024. 

“In the last two weeks, I am hearing the type of words that people are using for women.  Somebody is talking about “rate card” and someone else is saying disgusting things about a 75-year-old lady. Someone else is talking about the parentage of over a 60-year-old politician. It doesn't matter which party you belong to, please block out these people,” said Sadhguru in a video posted on social media platform X.

Sadhguru's appeal comes in the wake of several recent instances where political figures across party lines have used offensive language against women leaders. 

"If you don't change the narrative in this country, you cannot change anything," Sadhguru added, urging action from all stakeholders, including media houses and social media platforms. 

“I'm requesting all of you, that media houses, social media influencers and whoever else you are, make sure that these people who say disgusting things about women are blocked out for good, I see two days later they're slinking back on the screens.”

As India gears up for elections and public discourse intensifies, discussions have hit a new low with derogatory remarks about women being the order of the day. Sadhguru’s words highlight the urgent need to change the narrative surrounding women in India, particularly in political discourse and public spaces.