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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Sakthi Shridevi-A child prodigy of Erode

Sakthi Shridevi-A child prodigy of Erode

Even post graduate students face difficulty to write flawlessly in English,  Shakti Shridevi, an 8th std student of Indian Public School of Erode, wrote her first book in English-Ballena the Ballet Dancer (The story is about a ballerina named Ballena who achieves her dreams by overcoming her struggles in her fantasy journey) at the age of 13 in 2019. It proved her skill in writing in English. So, many including the then education minister KA Sengottaiyan appreciated her. The encouragement motivated her to write more books. 

Now, she, daughter of farmer couple Suresh-Priya of Modakurichi, is studying in 12th std at Woodstock school in Dehradun. So far, she has penned 17 English books and one Hindi book (Ek Kahani Sinavo-can I tell a story). They were related to short stories, poems, fictions and non fictions. Apart from writing, editing, typing and illustratating, she is a singer, motivation speaker, song writer, singer, composer of 5 songs etc. She won many awards from various institutions including IMA, Jaycees, Perur Aadhinam, etc. 

In the recently held Erode  Book Festival with 230 stalls, her all books were kept for sales in the Erode Writers Stall.  She was the only young writer in the entire festival. Many people bought her books and wondered over her imaginary power, writing skill etc. 

Her books are:  Ballena the Ballet Dancer, Candy the Royal Cat-Candy's adventures, Candy the Royal Cat-Lost in the Woods, The kid who taught the way of living Vol 1,2,3, 30 short stories for 30days, Mystical poetry, The billion dollar girls diaries, 31 short stories for 31 days, Prodigious poetry, The quad 4 squad (The rescue mission), The quad 4 squad (The lost treasure), The saint in a suit, Adventures of jumping jack, Hindi Book, The wisdom school and Tamira Roy.

She says "my objective in life is: to motivate students by teaching values and others to write, to protect native cattle breed''. 

''I work on fulfilling these objectives by writing motivation books, giving motivation speeches, conducting workshops on how to write, effective living and story telling. I raise native cattle in my farm and donate funds to charity,'' she adds. 

Instagram: Sakthi Shridevi@sakthishridevi