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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Salem Collector leads inspection for Yercaud  Summer Fest and Flower Show

Salem Collector leads inspection for Yercaud Summer Fest and Flower Show

In preparation for the annual summer festival and flower show in Yercaud, Salem District Collector Brinda Devi spearheaded a comprehensive inspection yesterday, overseeing the readiness of various sites designated for the upcoming event.
The 47th Flower Show, a highlight of the festivities, is set to showcase over 10,000 different flower plants, meticulously arranged across Anna Park, Lake Park, Botanical Garden, and Rose Garden under the auspices of the Horticulture Department.
During the inspection, Collector Brinda Devi and accompanying officials intensively assessed key venues and arrangements. Starting at Yercaud Panchayat Union Art Gallery, slated for art programs during the festival, the team then surveyed areas designated for government department stalls, aimed at showcasing public activities.
In particular, the Collector emphasized the importance of maintaining pristine conditions at Anna Park, the venue for the flower exhibition, and issued directives to ensure meticulous upkeep. Engaging with department heads, she sought detailed plans for their respective contributions to the festival.
The Yercaud police proposed traffic management measures, suggesting the conversion of the road leading to Yercaud into a one-way route for vehicles from Salem, ensuring smooth access during the festivities.
Various departments offered suggestions for enhancing the event's organization and visitor experience, to ensure its success. 
The Collector concluded the inspection by visiting Yercaud Lake Park, Eco-Tourism Park, and Boat House, urging swift submission of departmental plans for further review.
The inspection witnessed the participation of key officials, including Salem Additional Collector Alarmel Mangai and District Revenue Officer Dr.P Menaka, Yercaud Thasildhar and local body officials.