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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

Sankara Eye Hospital effectively reinstates corneal sensation

Sankara Eye Hospital effectively reinstates corneal sensation

Sankara Eye Hospital Coimbatore successfully treated a 55-year-old male suffering from the loss of corneal sensation, marking a significant milestone in ophthalmic care in the region.

Venkatesh (name changed), incapacitated by recurrent corneal ulcer and epithelial breakdown following tooth extraction, faced daily challenges due to constant tearing, severe pain, and sensitivity to daylight. His condition, scientifically known as neurotrophic corneal ulcer, results from the absence of nerve supply to the cornea, vital for maintaining its health and functionality.  

Explaining the significance of corneal sensation, Dr. Shruthi Tara , Chief Medical Officer at Sankara Eye Hospital Coimbatore, stated, "The cornea, with its rich nerve supply, plays a crucial role in maintaining ocular surface health. Reduced sensation can lead to corneal ulcers, scarring, and vision loss if left untreated."

During the four-hour procedure, a segment of a free sensory nerve (Sural nerve) from the patient's calf is harvested and grafted to the intact nerve of the forehead. The grafted nerve is then inserted around the cornea, facilitating the regeneration of sensory connections and restoring corneal sensation.

"Today, Venkatesh is experiencing significant improvement, with his corneal ulcer healing. Complete restoration takes close to 6 months. This groundbreaking procedure not only offers hope for patients like him but also paves the way for future corneal restorative treatments," added Dr. Shruthi.