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Today Date : Tuesday, April 16, 2024

School breakfast  revolution catching  on worldwide

School breakfast revolution catching on worldwide

Canada’s, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has posted on his “X” account yesterday (2.4.2024), "We are going to introduce a national food program to provide breakfast to school children in Canada."
Referring to this, Chief Minister M.K.Stalin said,”I was happy to see the news on social media that breakfast is being served in schools in Canada.''
Following information that many children do not eat breakfast during the early mornings in urban and rural areas, Tamil Nadu government is implementing a breakfast program in primary schools, aiming to provide nutritious breakfasts to students from class one to five. 
Considered a dream project of Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, in this program, 17 lakh children out of 31,000 government schools in Tamil Nadu are having breakfast every day and are hence learning better in the classrooms.
Telangana State Government came to know about the merits of this scheme and its officials visited Tamil Nadu and personally observed the place where breakfast is prepared, it is sent to schools by vehicles and children eat in schools. Currently, the breakfast program is being implemented in the state of Telangana.
While this breakfast plan is gaining popularity all over India, it is also being implemented abroad.To say that the Tamilnadu’s school breakfast programme, has become a successful model for other Indian states is perhaps not an exaggeration. 
The program's spirit and vision are reflected in similar initiatives being run in other nations, like Canada. Tamil Nadu has reason to be proud.