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Today Date : Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Schools set to reopen with  comprehensive cleanliness drive at salem

Schools set to reopen with comprehensive cleanliness drive at salem

Schools across Salem District are gearing up for reopening on June 10, 2024, following the summer holiday. In preparation, a thorough cleanliness campaign is being conducted in all schools to ensure a healthy and safe environment for students.
District Collector Dr. R Brindadevi, conducted an inspection at Kamaragar Government Women’s High School in Manakkad on Friday. During her visit, she emphasized the importance of maintaining cleanliness and health standards in educational institutions.
"For the academic year 2024-2025, schools from classes 1 to 12 will reopen on June 10, 2024. In Salem District, there are 1,567 government schools and a total of 2,396 educational institutions including private schools. Prior to reopening, all schools undercorporations, municipalities, panchayat unions, including panchayat primary schools, have been mandated to ensure cleanliness. Male and female students will return to campuses that have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Tasks are being carried out by cleanliness staff, cleanliness guards, and dengue workers,” said the collector.
During her inspection, Dr. Brindadevi urged local bodies—including corporations, municipalities, Panchayat Unions, and Panchayats to actively participate in the cleanliness drive. This initiative includes providing safe drinking water for students and ensuring that school campuses are free from stagnant water and mosquito breeding sites, especially during the rainy season.
"Health facilities must be continuously monitored to prevent any mosquito-borne diseases," she added. Additionally, schools need to ensure that electronic devices are functioning safely, and any stagnant water or garbage on rooftops must be removed," the collector emphasised.
She also directed that any old waste materials should be properly disposed of to maintain a clean environment.
Accompanying Dr. Brindadevi during the inspection were Mr. M. Kabir, Chief Education Officer and S. Anantalakshmi, School Head Master along with other relevant officers.