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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Seeman campaigns in Erode

Seeman campaigns in Erode

Seeman, the chief coordinator of the party, said that Naam Tamilar Party is contesting alone to eliminate corruption and bribery.

Naam Tamil Party's Chief Coordinator Seeman on Tuesday canvassed votes in Perundurai, Bhavani and Veerappanchatra in support of Naam Tamilar Party's Tirupur Lok Sabha candidate Seethalakshmi and Erode candidate M. Karmegan.

He said Naam Tamilar Party's policy is government jobs for all, educated and uneducated. Steps will be taken to convert agricultural works like sericulture, animal husbandry, fishing into government jobs. North Indians came in because Tamils ​​left the labor market. The liquor shops responsible for this should be closed down.

Congress, BJP, DMK and AIADMK parties that brought all the toxic schemes to Tamil Nadu should be ignored and a change should be made.

The BJP has taken money in all the places that were raided by the enforcement department. Now the BJP has taken the Kachchathivu issue into its hands for election politics.