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Today Date : Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Seeman's opinion, not acceptable!

Seeman's opinion, not acceptable!

Nam Tamizhar Party leader Seeman, as usual, spoke furiously in the protest held on behalf of Nam Tamizhar Party on the 30th regarding the Manipur riots. "Muslims and Christians are Satan's children," said Seeman. He said that they are Satan's children because they support DMK and Congress.

Seeman's speech caused great turmoil and anguish among Muslims and Christians.Subsequently, Seeman expressed the same opinion in the press conference held yesterday in the name of explaining his opinion. "Muslims and Christians are not minorities and they are the majority on the basis of language. If anyone says Muslims and Christians are minorities, I will take off my sandal and beat them," he said.Seeman's speech has also become a controversy and political party leaders are recording their condemnation.

Political critics believe that Seeman's speech is an attempt to take away the rights of minorities. Ambedkar, Azad, QuaideMillat etc. got the legal protection of minority in the Constitution of India by fighting. It is not fair for people like Seeman to try to dilute the legal protection and rights of minorities by thinking of it as heroic speech.RSS is insisting that the special legal distinction of minority on the basis of religion should be removed from the Indian Constitution, and that Muslims and Christians are enjoying excessive rights by hiding under the guise of being a minority. The RSS argument is that the word minority should not be in the Constitution. Seeman has presented the same argument today.

It is not enough to speak passionately, one should think calmly and speak wisely.
Seeman's comment on minorities is not at all acceptable!