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Today Date : Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Severe heat wave :  be alert; and recover!

Severe heat wave : be alert; and recover!

In Tamil Nadu, the summer heat officially began in March, far in advance of the peak summer heat known as "Agni Nakshatram." Right now a terrible heat wave is pounding Tamil Nadu.
Tragic deaths due to unbearably high temperatures are also being reported. Few days ago, a young man died out while playing cricket in the sun near Krishnagiri. A young woman committed suicide in Erode. These deaths are reportedly due to exposure to intense heat of the sun. 
On Tuesday the temperature in the northern interior districts of Tamil Nadu has increased by 3, 4 degrees Celsius above normal. 
Due to this, people could not move outside. The maximum temperature in Erode is 109 degrees, 107 degrees in Salem and 106 degrees in Dharmapuri District.
Temperature is exceeding 100 degrees in 14 districts and is predicted to remain hot till the month of June.  In the interior districts, the temperature will rise up to 3 degrees Celsius above normal for the next 4 days, according to the Meteorological Department.India Meteorological Department has warned that heat wave will hit 16 states including Tamil Nadu from today to 27th.
Efforts have been made in government hospitals and primary health centres to avoid heatstroke. The health department has taken precautionary measures to immediately treat those suffering from fainting and fatigue attacks. 
The health department has advised that it is better for the public to avoid going out in the sun between 11 am and 3 pm.
Heat wave is not new to Tamil Nadu. However, when the temperature increases by 4.5 degrees Celsius more than the average temperature, it is called a heat wave.
Let's recover from the intense heat wave attack of the sun by staying alerted and hydrated