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Today Date : Friday, May 24, 2024

SHV energy expands its LPG terminal capacity by 30,000 metric tonnes in Thoothukudi

SHV energy expands its LPG terminal capacity by 30,000 metric tonnes in Thoothukudi

SHV energy has expanded its cryogenic LPG storage terminal facility in Thoothukudi.
The expansion ensures continuous LPG supply to the Indian market, primarily through SHV energy’s Indian subsidiary SUPERGAS. SHV energy’s Singapore-based trading unit supply and research management would also supply third parties via the Thoothukudi terminal. 

The facility, which is situated at the port, will expand from 8,500 metric tonnes to 38,500 metric tonnes at the cost of Rs 500 crore. The facility was inaugurated by Bram Graber, CEO of SHV energy and Santhanu Guha, CEO of SUPERGAS.

LPG landscape in India
Speaking to reporters, Bram said, “Our strategy for expanding this terminal is to ensure that our customers in Tamil Nadu have easy and affordable access to LPG. This expansion will allow us to offer government-run oil companies both the LPG and the storage facilities they need, thereby optimising logistics and strengthening the overall LPG landscape in India.” 

LPG will help to accelerate India’s long-term energy needs and will support the country’s transition away from more polluting fuels, such as coal and oil, he added.   

“LPG is not only a cleaner fuel than many existing alternatives, it’s also much more accessible in India and can more easily reach areas that natural gas cannot reach,” said Guha and added, “LPG also has many important applications, from being used as a cooking gas, to transport and increasingly used in Industry. We look forward to further deregulation of the market to ensure increased investment in LPG infrastructure in support of India’s long-term energy needs.”