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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Significant Growth in Study Abroad Aspirants from Chennai

Significant Growth in Study Abroad Aspirants from Chennai

Crimson Education, world’s leading college admissions consultant, announced a significant surge in the number of study abroad aspirants in Tamil Nadu, with a growing number of aspirants hailing from Chennai. The company witnessed over 250% growth in the number of students joining Crimson Education from Tamil Nadu in the last academic cycle. 

In the last academic cycle, Crimson Education successfully supported their students from Tamil Nadu in securing admissions in leading US and UK universities. 41% number of their students from Tamil Nadu also secured admissions at Top 10 US Universities. 

Speaking at a press briefing while addressing the media in Chennai today, Benito Rodriguez, Former Admissions Officer at Harvard University and Ivy League Admissions Consultant at Crimson Education said, “' By focusing on academic excellence and leadership pursuits, students can increase their chances of admission to an IVY League college and pave the way for their transformative educational journey.” 

Kunal Mehra, Managing Director and CEO, Crimson Education India said, “We are thrilled to witness such a remarkable surge in interest among students from Tamil Nadu, especially Chennai, towards pursuing their higher education abroad."