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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Silambam sports sangam thanks CM

Silambam sports sangam thanks CM

Coimbatore Silambam Vilaiyattu Sangam thanked the CM for including Silambam in the sports quota in the  uniformed service recruitment and also the Sports Minister Meyyanathan and Amateur Silamba kazhagam president Mayilai T Velu. 

The sangam meeting held at Coimbatore said Tamil Nadu Sports Development Authority (SDAT) released the list of approved sports in its website including Silambam and said that the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports-accredited sports associations would be given state recognition. 

 Tamil Nadu Silambatta Kazhagam has been removed from the list of recognized associations in 2019.  Due to this, for the last four years, Silambam has been reduced to a state of unrecognized sport.  Now, Tamil Nadu Amateur Silamba Kazhagam is accredited by the Ministry of Sports as its chairman, Mayilai T Velu and secretary Irin Selvaraj kept documents properly. So,  the Tamil Nadu Sports Development Authority (SDAT) approved the Association on April 20. 

To thank the SDAT, the Coimbatore Sangam held general council meeting  under the chairmanship of Selvakumar and Secretary Dr. Sudhakar at Karpagam varsity.  State Supervisor Vigneshwar Rao of Vellore District and Pandian of Virudhunagar District were present. 

The meeting thanked  the SDAT for  recognising the Tamil Nadu Amateur Silambam Club, and pleaded to the Government  to take appropriate action against the corrupt officials of the Tamil Nadu Silambatta Kazhagam who have received financial assistance from the Government for the last 40 years and have not managed the fund properly. 

It also pleaded  to control the activities of the unrecognized sangams in the interest of all the Silambam players in Tamil Nadu. Treasurer Pandivel proposed the vote of thanks.