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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Silence of EPS and OPS

Silence of EPS and OPS

The report of the Arumugasamy Commission set up regarding the mysterious death of late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has been submitted to the government. It can be seen that a light has been found for various mysteries. The commission's report contains shocking details ranging from improper treatment of Jayalalithaa to inconsistencies in her date of death.

The Arumugasamy Commission has also recommended that former Health Minister C. Vijayabaskar, then Health Secretary J. Radhakrishnan, Sasikala, and Doctor Sivakumar can be interrogated if necessary. When Jayalalithaa was in the hospital, Sasikala was the one who took care of Jayalalitha from the side without letting anyone near her, so there was suspicion about her from many quarters. Now Sasikala is in trouble as various things mentioned in the Arumugasamy Commission report were found to be suspicious.

Sasikala has denied the allegations leveled by the commission. But EPS and OPS, who are constantly claiming to be Amma, the leader of the revolution, have not opened their mouths about this yet. Not issuing any statement has caused agony to AIADMK workers.

Don't these people who give importance to the internal conflict of AIADMK know this? Why this silence? The party workers are expressing their anguish. What is the reason for the silence of both OPS and EPS is a huge question that is looming before the people of Tamil Nadu and not just AIADMK workers. Will both open their mouths and answer?