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Today Date : Saturday, June 22, 2024

SIMATS Engineering’s Smart India Hackathon 2023

SIMATS Engineering’s Smart India Hackathon 2023

SIMATS Engineering organized the distinguished Internal Smart India Hackathon recently held in their campus, reflecting its commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing young talent. Smart India Hackathon is believed to bring the next generation evolution by inclusion of new methodology to inculcate the culture of start-ups and innovation ecosystem across different age groups.

The initiative of SIMATS Engineering in hosting this Hackathon is in line with their tradition of promoting excellence in the field of engineering and technology. Events such as these not only provide a platform for budding engineers to exhibit their skills but also expose them to industry veterans, fostering an environment of growth and mutual learning.

This event stands as a testament to SIMATS Engineering's dedication to nurturing and showcasing the best young minds in the country, as they forge a brighter, smarter future for India.