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Today Date : Saturday, July 20, 2024

Southern states in  protest mode for equity in revenue sharing

Southern states in protest mode for equity in revenue sharing

With no concrete response from a meeting with the Prime Minister over sharing of central funds to states,  the southern states have announced various protest. As a part of it yesterday (7th) the Karnataka cabinet including 100 MLAs led by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah held a protest at Delhi's Jandar Mantar.
The ruling CPI (M) government in Kerala is also protesting today. Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has said that DMK will give full support to this.
Regarding this, Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Thangam Thannarasu said, “From the financial year 2014&-15 to 2021&22, the amount received by the Union Government as tax revenue from Tamil Nadu is Rs.5.16 lakh crore. However, Tamil Nadu received only Rs 2.08 lakh crore in state distribution. That means for every rupee that Tamil Nadu gives, it gets back 26 paise. But while the amount paid in taxes by the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh state is Rs.2.24 lakh crore, the funds received by the state are Rs.9.04 lakh crore,” he said.
``Union government is acting with doublespeak because of BJP's inability to gain a foothold in southern states,” say the Chief Ministers from the southern states,  strongly accusing that this is an attempt by the Union Government to block the development programs of our states.The union government stops or reduces the funds for people's livelihood projects thinking that the opposition parties should ignore the ruling state, although it is an act of deceiving the people of southern states, but the union BJP government continues to do the same.“The North lives; The south is being eroded,” said late Chief Minister Anna Duria. What he said then seems relevant even today. Yes; even today, the North lives and thrives on the tax money of the people of the South. That is why southern state governments are launching protests one after the other.The Union government's bias against the states is blatantly exposed and it may reverberate in the coming parliamentary elections!