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Today Date : Thursday, June 20, 2024

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital  Introduces Aquatic Treadmill

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Introduces Aquatic Treadmill

Tamil Nadu's first aquatic treadmill was launched at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital to revolutionize how people approach aquatic therapy and fitness. This state-of-the-art equipment offers a low-impact, high-intensity workout that is gentle on joints and muscles, making it an ideal choice for individuals recovering from injuries. 

It improves aerobic capacity and maximizes functional recovery for patients who have experienced a stroke. 
It is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their fitness and recover from injuries. Its low-impact nature, resistance, and adjustability make it versatile for aquatic therapy or training.

The device can also be used for weight loss, as the resistance of the water can burn more calories than traditional land-based exercises. It can also help improve balance and coordination. 

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has introduced this innovative technique to provide tailored treatment options and enhance the recovery procedure for every patient seeking help.