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St Jude's get 31 medals in the National Athletic Meet

St Jude's get 31 medals in the National Athletic Meet

The National Athletic Meet conducted by the CISCE for all the ICSE and ISC schools in India and UAE was held at Balewadi stadium in Pune on the 4th, 5th and 6th November 2022.

Around 1208 athletes of all the 13 regions of India and UAE  participated.Tamilnadu won the 2nd position in India with 149 points, while Maharashtra bagged the 1st place. Among the 99 athletes of Tamilnadu, 31 were from St Jude’s and they contributed 81 points out of the 149.The Judians procured 10 Gold, 10 Silver and 11 Bronze. 

The heights of the achievements were the new meet records set by Harsha Nethra belonging to the Sub Junior division, in the 80 metres hurdles, with a timing of 13.98 seconds, Najla belonging to the
Junior Girls division in high jump scaling a height of 1.63 metres and 
Anissha of the Senior Girls division, also in high jump, covering a measure of 1.50 metres.All the athletes returned with bliss and were welcomed warm heartedly by all the fellow Judians, Faculty and the Management. Hats off to the commitment, hard work and guidance of the Physical Directors, Mr. O Prabhu and Mrs. Vanaja Sekar.

The students who won laurels are as follows: GOLD, Student Name, Event: Sawan High Jump, Sawan Long Jump, Adith B Elavunkal 400 mts, Harshanethra 80 mts Hurdles, Harshanethra High Jump, Sanjana 3000 mts, Najla High Jump, Kareeshma 1500 mts, Kareeshma 800 mts, Anissha High Jump. SILVER, Student Name, Event: Sarves Long Jump, Haddrick High Jump, Sarves 4  x 100 mts Relay, Rithiv 4  x 400 mts Relay, Sawan 4  x 400 mts Relay, Jaya ruba Vishakan 4  x 100 mts Relay, Akash 4  x 100 mts Relay, Adith 4  x 100 mts Relay, Sanjana 1500 mts, Pranika 100 mts hurdles. BRONZE, Student Name, Event: Nithish Kumar High Jump, Harshanethra Long Jump, Gayathri 100 mts Hurdles, Nikitha Discuss, Najla Long Jump, Kareeshma 3000 mts, Pranika 400 mts Hurdles, Anissha Long Jump, Gayathri 4  x 100 mts Relay, Sanjana 4  x 400 mts Relay, Sameera 4  x 400 mts Relay.