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Today Date : Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Stalin against ‘One Country One Language’ formula

Stalin against ‘One Country One Language’ formula

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin lashes out ‘one country one language’ formulation while virtually speaking at the fourth edition of Manorama  News conclave that took place in Kerala’s Thrissur on Saturday. 

The Chief Minister could not appear in person at the conclave as he was advised against travel when recovering from the covid-19 infection. Stalin spoke on the topic, ‘The state of affairs: federalism, freedom and forward’. 

Addressing the gathering in Malayalam, he said that the languages - Tamil and Malayalam - have a very close relation. “Those who are in favour of the ‘one country one language’ idea are enemies of our country. 

Because India is a collection of states and each state speaks a different language and follows a different culture. 

If only all the states are carefully nurtured and protected, the idea of India can be saved. Unity is not in uniformity. For years, we have been finding unity in diversity,” he said. 

Explaining that the states have the responsibility of fulfilling the requirements of the public and India could survive only if the state governments are self-sufficient, he said that Tamil Nadu’s share in domestic manufacturing stands at 9.22%. “

Federalism of the country should be respected and we should be strong in our idea - ‘federalism at the centre and autonomy at the state’,” he added.

“Freedom of speech and expression are denied at the parliament. Many of the union government’s policies including the National Education Police (NEP) are against the welfare of the public. Democracy is what strengthens the country,” he said. 

Assuring that the DMK-led alliance would continue in Tamil Nadu and the left parties are giving the much-needed advice to the  government, he said that the alliance is not formed just for election but to spread the ideology and aim. “The alliance would continue to exist,” he added.