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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Stalin's letter and BJP's  double speak!

Stalin's letter and BJP's double speak!

DMK chief and Tamilnadu Chief Minister M.K Stalin sent an important letter to the cadres.
He has begun the letter with the words, " a letter written to dear siblings from a person among you*.
He has conveyed an all important message besides directing the ministers, party speakers  and office bearers to proclaim  the achievements of the two years of Dravidian model government  in 1222 places on May 7, 8 and 8, 2023 in the party's public meetings.
What has he said in the letter? Here is a summary of the letter: The double speak of those who spoke disparagingly about the freebie schemes  which elevate the people's standards and take the state in the path of progress has been revealed by their own freebie announcement in the Karnataka l.
It has been confirmed that the Dravidian model will henceforth be the formula for governance to all the states in the country.
This is the success of the two years of rule of the dawn. Success will continue  in all the comming elections also, he has said.Yes the BJP has copied the Dravidian model that developed people's livelihood and economic status.
But the Modi has been saying in Karnataka election itself that freebie concept is wrong. If so are the BJP and the Prime Minister different? No Modi is one and all.
It is only as a remark of this Stalin had mentioned about double speak in his letter.What does this mean?
It has been proved that the Dravidian model is the formula applicable to all states.
But the Governor had said that the Dravidian model is an outdated model. Chief Minister M.K Stalin's remark is also aimed at him.
Can the BJP withdraw now itself its freebie announcements made during the Karnataka elections. It would only be just if the the BJP criticised the Dravidian model after withdrawing its freebie schemes.