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Stanes A.I.H.S. School pats NCC cadets

Stanes A.I.H.S. School pats NCC cadets

On the 16th of February 2023, Stanes A.I.H.S. School was witness to the Prestigious Republic Day Camp felicitation ceremony conducted to honour the NCC Cadets who attended RD Camp January 2023.
It was a day of felicitation of C/Sgt. Shauna Colet E and C/Sgt Alwyn Smith Appadurai for their outstanding performance in the Republic Day Camp at Delhi, January 2023. 

A brief introduction about NCC was given by Yogitha Anand, a student of Grade IX.Ms. S Selene Vinodhini, Principal, acknowledged the efforts of the Cadets.

NCC Cadets

Thereafter both the Cadets Shauna and Alwyn shared their journey and path. Dr.V Divakaran, Vice-Principal, mentioned that Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School had been sending up NCC Cadets to Republic Day Camp since 1962. 

Stanes had gained its name in producing RD Camp Cadets and All India Best Cadets, and both C/Sgt. Shauna Colet E and C/Sgt Alwyn  Smith Appadurai have continued this legacy.The NCC Cadets were then awarded with their Gold medals and shields that they achieved at the RD Camp by the Principal. T/O, J Jacob, Associate NCC Officer(ANO) of Stanes A.I.H.S.School was honoured for being selected as the best ANO of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andaman and Nicobar Directorate.The ceremony ended with the vote of thanks by C/Sgt Hannah Monika.