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Today Date : Tuesday, April 23, 2024

'State Women Policy 2022 should  be realized for Welfare of Women'

'State Women Policy 2022 should be realized for Welfare of Women'

A State level seminar on empowerment and welfare of women employee was organized jointly by State Commission for Women, Coimbatore District Social welfare and CARE T, an NGO, working for women workers.  Ms A.S.Kumari, Chairperson, State Commission for Women has chaired the sessions of the State Seminar.

She has shared her experience on visiting various places related to protection women employees. She has assured that she will take action based on complaints by women on grievances. She has appreciated the new initiatives of Government of Tamil Nadu on the empowerment of women especially State Women Policy 2022. She said that it should be realized for welfare of women with the cooperation Government agencies and welfare organizations in Tamil Nadu.

According to Director of CARE T, Mr. S.M.Prithiviraj, State Women Policy 2022 is developed and published on 8 March 2022 by the CM. It has all the required salient principles such as Violence free homes, No Hunger, Safe Mobility, Equal Wages, and Access to Credit, Stop Violence, Fight Injustice and No discrimination. 

M.Mothiraj, Programme Coordinator, CARE T, District Social Welfare Officer P Thangamani, Independent consultant Ms.Gayathri Jeganathan and Internal Committee Trainer for Factories, Tirupur J Revathy spoke. Mrs. P. Geetha Natarajan, member of State Commission for Women, Advocate Ms. J. Abhirami, Member District Legal Services Authority, Coimbatore and Ms.P.Leena Justin, Women Training Coordinator, staff of CARE T and staff of ICDS, District Social Welfare have participated.