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Today Date : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Strict order of  Commissioner of Police

Strict order of Commissioner of Police

While engaged in traffic regulation and security work, the police is occasionally seen looking at something on their cell phones. We pass by thinking that we should relax a little in the ongoing work.
If children are allowed to play on cell phones, they get used to it and become distracted and lose interest in studies. How much effort do parents have to first allow and then to get them out of the habit? This is not exclusive to adults either. 
Once you become addicted to any habit, it is difficult to get rid of it. If it's a good habit, it's OK. We are witnessing how many families are getting degraded and fragmented due to addiction to bad habits like alcohol and ganja and even going to the extent of suicide and murder.
One such category is immersion in social networking sites on mobile phones. Even if the damage is less, the damage is still damage. 
There is nothing wrong with using a cell phone for easy communication and good internet browsing. But no one can deny that if we get addicted to the habit of using our cell phone often, we will get distracted and become distracted in our daily life work and progress will be hindered.
In that regard, Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sandeep Rai Rathore has issued an order in a departmental manner.  He has said that the use of mobile phones by policemen on security duty and traffic duty on the roads during work hours causes them to be distracted and unable to perform their duties properly. 
Due to this distraction, many important tasks are delayed. Specifically during Law & Order maintenance, Security for VIPs and during temple and festival security duties., he advised the police officers to inform the constables during assignment and briefing that they should not use cell phones. He also instructed that the officers under Police Assistant Inspectors must not use cell phones during such important work for the safety of very important persons and important struggles. 
Therefore, all Additional Commissioners of Police, Assistant Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners have been directed to ensure that the policemen working under them strictly follow these instructions without any hesitation. 
At the same time, we have seen in the past that such orders are issued from time to time and then forgotten. People will expect that this order will be strictly enforced through a series of measures. This order should be strictly enforced by the Director-General of Police  across Tamil Nadu. All policemen should cooperate with it.
The action taken by the Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner to ban the use of cell phones during work is commendable.
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