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Today Date : Friday, June 14, 2024

Study on tribals economic condition

Study on tribals economic condition

A study was conducted with the help of  college NSS students on various aspects of the economy, education and health of the hill people of Bargur, Kadambur and Talawadi hills in Erode district.

They involve in collecting minor forest produces, agriculture and animal husbandry, and are far behind in getting in basic amenities and in particular, education, health and government programmes.
Research work has been carried out with college students on various aspects including the needs of the hill people, economic status, education and health to facilitate the implementation of various projects on behalf of the Government in view of the progress of the hill people.  

The survey was conducted in 14 villages in the Bargur Hills, officials said.  Commenting on this, L. Madhubalan, Project Director, Erode District Rural Development Agency, said the study includes number of family members, occupation, income, education, caste, government programmes, caste certificate, drinking water, electricity, road facilities, ration shop, government financial assistance etc.

 It would help improve villages, settle their problems, implement government welfare schemes etc.  All the information is being compiled after the completion of the study. .