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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

'Success depends on others success'

'Success depends on others success'

Real success of a person is to help others surrounding him to help get success and come of lufe. Such policy would alone help him to touch great heights, said Ramraj Cotton founder president KR Nagaraj. 

Distributing prizes to students at the annual day of VET Institute of Arts and Science college, he said that though he did not get success in SSLC, he became a successful businessmen only because of the policy. 

He advised students to focus on 5  subjects-health, education, profession, family, and society. After success in life, one should contribute to the sociey also because  it helped him in many ways to come up in life, he advised. College correspondent 
SD Chandrasekar, Principal 
R Saravanan, trust member Arun and Administrative Officer Logesh Kumar attended.