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Today Date : Saturday, July 13, 2024

Sugarcane farmers welcome Sugar Commissioner's order

Sugarcane farmers welcome Sugar Commissioner's order

The order of Sugar Commissioner of Tamil Nadu Government bringing sugarcane growers of Arachalur area of Erode district with the Sakthi Sugar Mill of the district is welcomed by  Arachalur Modakurichi Kodumudi and Sivagiri Sugarcane Farmers Association.

Talking to newsmen, the sangam secretary K Thangaraj and vice president P Lakshmanan said sugarcane farmers belonging to nine villages in the area had already registered their sugarcane with the Pugalur Parry Sugar Mill. 

The sugarcane was supposed to be harvested in twelve months, but the mill did not harvest the sugarcane even after 18 months, causing much hardship to ryots. So,  they requested the Cane Commissioner  to send their sugarcane to Sakthi Sugar Mill which is 12 kilometers away from Arachalur. Sakthi Sugar Mill was in financial crisis in the past but there was no problem for the last one year. 

Therefore, the Commissioner of Sugar Department issued on order based on the interest of the farmers in the area to register their cane with the Sakthi Sugar Mill.We welcome it and thank the commissioner. 
In fact, Arachalur area is legally come under  the Sakthi sugar mill in respect of buying registered cane and the area is demarcated for it for registering  sugarcane. But, Parry mill filed a suit against such norm. The case was pending for many years.

Because of it, the ryots supplied cane to that mill so far. The litigation came to an end now and the issue has been resolved by the court order. So,  sugar commissioner issued the present order. The ryots are happy to join the Sakthi sugar mill.  But some people are opposing it and their opposition is unjustified.

We will send letters to the Chief Minister, Collector and Commissioner in this regard.  However, if the farmers want, the government may consider supplying sugarcane to the mills according to their wish," they said.