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Today Date : Sunday, May 26, 2024

Supreme Court assails religion in politics

Supreme Court assails religion in politics

Political watchers say that ever since the Hindu majority BJP came to power at the centre, hatred and hate speech against minorities has increased in India. The RSS, a right-wing  Hindu organization that strives to create a Hindu state, and its political wing, the BJP, are following the principles of one country, one religion, one language.

In India, which is a secular country as stated in the constitution, hate speech and violence against minorities have been on the rise for the past 9 years. In this situation, the Supreme Court said that the best way to prevent this is to separate religion from politics. The Supreme Court has said that once politics and religion are separated and politicians stop using religion in politics, hate speech will end in India.

A Supreme Court bench comprising Justices K.M Joseph and P.V. Nagaratna referred to the speeches of former prime ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Atal Bihari Vajpayee and said that people from far-flung areas and nooks and crannies gathered to listen to the speeches of such leaders.

“A big problem arises when politicians mix politics with religion. It will end at the moment of separation of politics and religion. All this will stop if politicians stop using religion. Why can't the people of India take an oath not to insult other citizens or communities?', the Supreme Court opined.

The Supreme Court has reiterated that mixing politics with religion is dangerous for democracy. The ruling parties and other parties in the Unions and States should realize this and act. The Supreme Court has kept silent on not wanting spiritual politics. Finding unity in diversity is the highest philosophy of our country. It is our duty to protect it!