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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Supreme Court’s  historical judgement about Electoral Bonds

Supreme Court’s historical judgement about Electoral Bonds

The BJP government introduced the Electoral Bonds Act in 2017, which was opposed by opposition parties. The scheme prevents public disclosure of funders' names and details, and funds can be made by purchasing bonds of the State Bank of India in various denominations. In the last four years, the BJP received Rs. 5271 crores of funds, more than all other parties, including Congress. The BJP's strategy, it was said, aimed at protecting it from investigation teams IT and ED, and the Supreme Court filed the case due to opposition allegations.
The case was filed in the Supreme Court because the BJP showed its majority strength and ignored them even when the opposition parties leveled serious allegations. This newspaper (Afternoon) has published editorials on three days, under the title, “Election Donation Bonds that take away people's rights!''. Is that a political ethic if anyone can raise party funds for one crore rupees through election bond,? Can it be anything but public depravity of morale? We had raised these pertinent questions.
On Thursday the Supreme Court has ruled that the electoral bond scheme is illegal. Further, the Union Government has also been directed to disclose the details of those who have provided funds so far by April 6.
BJP's mask has been torn again, says Congress MP. Rahul Gandhi's whose harsh criticism has also everyone's attention.It has become clear that the BJP for the past 6 years,has been able to attract thousands of crores of moneythrougha scheme that is unconstitutional and has facilitated its victory in many elections. Are all those victories democratic victories? Fake success?A debate is going on in the people's forum asking that question.
The Supreme Court in its judgment has upheld the power to form a government through votes. Parliamentary democracy has been preserved. Yes, this judgment of the Supreme Court is historic, a major milestone in the history of democracy, no exaggeration!