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Today Date : Sunday, May 19, 2024

Tamilisai accuses Cong of  spreading fake news about Modi

Tamilisai accuses Cong of spreading fake news about Modi

Tamilisai Soundarrajan, former state president of the BJP and former governor, addressed the media at Coimbatore airport today.

She commended the smooth conduct of elections in Tamil Nadu and urged the Election Commission to investigate instances where voters were denied their rights despite having valid documents. She emphasised the importance of every individual exercising their democratic duty to vote.

Soundarrajan highlighted Prime Minister Modi's initiatives for development and inclusivity, such as providing gas connections to 10 crore people, including a percentage of Muslims, and the benefits extended to Muslims under the Ayushman Bharat scheme. She criticised the Congress party for allegedly prioritising minorities and the poor only as vote banks and accused them of failing to make substantial progress for these groups.

Citing Modi's support for Muslim women through initiatives like the triple talaq law and facilitating Hajj pilgrimage, Soundarrajan contrasted this with what she perceived as inaction from Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin on similar issues. She praised Modi for promoting development for all citizens and accused the Congress party of spreading false propaganda about his stance on minority issues.

Soundarrajan also highlighted the improvements in the livelihoods of 25 crore poor people during Modi's tenure and applauded the government's efforts in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. She criticised the DMK and its allies for not addressing issues such as the removal of voters' names from the voter list, suggesting their complicity in such matters.

Addressing concerns about BJP candidates' prospects in the upcoming elections, Soundarrajan asserted confidence in their success and dismissed fears of failure. She criticised opposition leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, and questioned their absence during critical times.

Soundarrajan also commented on the DMK's stance on various issues, including their alleged reluctance to address certain concerns and their treatment of party members. She emphasised that Vijayakanth is a respected leader and PM Modi and other BJP leaders have a lot of love for him