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Today Date : Monday, June 24, 2024

Tamilnadu  pioneering religious harmony

Tamilnadu pioneering religious harmony

The inaugural yearly consecration ceremony of the Sri Shakti Santana Ganesar Temple in Dindigul Muslims took part as bride's family and led the processions. They displayed 21 different kinds of gift sets, which included fruits, garlands, bangles, and silks. These images have now been shared on social media and are receiving positive feedback.
It is also customary for people from both sides to attend family functions. Muslims say that it is in this way that this event has been sustained over the years. The Hindus say,” the Muslims do not distinguish us as Hindus. We live together as brothers. It is because of this that we are rightfully asking for and getting the customary brides side gift set”.
Similarly, another wonderful and exciting event that proclaims religious harmony is taking place. Naduvalur village near JayanKondam Ariyalur district. Christian priests were invited for the immersion ceremony of various temples including Vinayagar, Mariamman, Ayyanar and Ayyappan here. Accordingly, Naduvalur Saint Susaiyappar Church priests Robert and Joseph Dhanraj went to the top of the temple tower and participated in the Kudamuzhuk, and even though it was a deity of a different religion, they bowed their hands and behaved like civilized people.
Earlier, the village had gathered to cheer priests Robert and Joseph Dhanraj who had come to participate in the immersion. On the completion of Kudamuzhuk, the priests were given a special treat on behalf of the villagers.This act of the people of Naduvalur, which is an example of religious harmony, is getting congratulations and appreciation from social netizens and is going viral.
'Let's be proud to be Indians; In line with the golden saying, 'Together we will achieve many more achievements', our culture has been to find unity in diversity, even if we are separated by religion.
Let there be religious harmony!