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Today Date : Friday, July 19, 2024

Tamils' civilization older than 4200 years:CM

Tamils' civilization older than 4200 years:CM

It has been planned to conduct archeological studies in areas in other parts of India where Tamils established their presence and places they conquered overseas said Chief Minister M.K Stalin.Speaking in the state assembly under Rule 110 regarding the findings of the Tamilnadu Archeological Department and scientific evidences, the Chief Minister said,that this year archeological studies will be conducted in Thalaikadu, Vengi in Andhra and Paalur in Odisha.

He said, the archeological finds of Kezhadi have confirmed the continuity and antiquity of Tamils. It brought to light the construction and artifacts of high workmanship which are evidences of cultural maturity of ancient Tamils and the fact that iron use was in vogue in Tamilnadu 4200 years back said Chief Minister M.K Stalin today.

The finesse and technical expertise of the artifacts, constructions and archeological objects found in the course of the Kezhadi archeological study indicates that the Tamil civilization during the Sangam age was mature urban civilization about which we are now able to proclaim to the world said Stalin. He further said that 

It has been confirmed through scientific study of the archeological findings in Kezhadi, Kodumanal and Perundhal that Tamil letters date sixth century B.C. The intellectual world accepted that before 2600 years, Tamil people had widespread writing skills. Last year the paddy found during archeological study in SIvakalai was analysed and it was conluded that the Porunai civilization dated beyond 3200 years he added.
The Chief Minister further informed  that the Tamilnadu Archeological Department used hi-tech tools to conduct studies and analyze archeological materials.  Magenetic measurements, man less drone flights, underground scanners are some of the modern tools and techniques used. 

The human habitats in Sivakalai had burnt clay channels for drinking water which was brought from a storage tank, according to the report. Topping all the finding that I feel proud about is burial artifcats, rock paintings and new Stone Age implements of rare kind in MayiladumParai in Krishnagiri district. The samples taken from here were sent for carbon dating to Florida in USA which analyzed the date. According to the report released the average median age is 1615 BC to 2172 BC. This proves that it dates prior to the iron use areas in 28 ancient Indian sites such as gangetic plains and Karnataka. 

It is also learnt that the black and red pottery was in vogue 4200 years back after the new stone age period. Renowned archeological researchers like DilipChakraborthi, of Cambridge University, PadmashriPathaiya, Central Archeological Department’s former Director Professor RakeshTiwari have appreciated this. The efforts of the Tamilnadu Archeological Department will not stop with this. It has been planned to  conduct archeological studies in areas in other parts of India where Tamils established their presence and places they conquered overseas, said Stalin.

CM announces Rs.10 lakhs aid to R.A Puram self-immolation victim’s family:
                  The Chief Minister M.K Stalin announced Rs 10 lakh financial aid to the family of V.G Kannaiyan of R.A Puram in Chennai who self-immolated and died.V.G Kannaiyan self-immolated when the Public Works Department officials attempted to demolish house built on encroached lands in Elangovan Street in Raja Annamalaipuram.

O.Pannerselvam the Deputy Leader of the opposition demanded Rs.50 lakhs financial aid to Kannaiyan’s family. Replying to him, the Chief Minister said, that he orders Rs 10 lakh aid. He also informed that the people who will be evicted will be re-settled in the settlements being constructed by the Tamilnadu Urban Habitat Development Board in Mandhaiveli and Mylapore. Eviction will however will be based on re-settlement policy and the stake-holders will be consulted in advance.