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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

'Teachers should highlight  the glory of Tamil to students'

'Teachers should highlight the glory of Tamil to students'

Teachers should explain the pride of Tamil to students, advised government owned World Tamil Sangam,  Madurai, Director Dr P Anbuchezhiyan.  Addressing the 4th anniversary of Erode Senthamizh Mutram, here on Sunday, he said  historians wrote human beings surfaced at first in Lemuria continent so that Tamils ​​are the first human race to appear in the world and Tamil is the mother all languages of the world.

Many scholars including GU Pope, Caldwell, Veeramamunivar, Sundaram Pillai, Barathiyar highlighted Tamil's value. Thiruvallur spoke about rain 2000 years back. But, it was spoke scientifically in 12th century.Tolkappiyam mentioned Vadavenkatam to Thenkumari as Tamil Nadu. Our ancient Tamil kings hoisted their flag in Himalayas.  There were 16,000 languages ​​in the world and of which only 6,000 are said to be existed now. Among them, 7 languages-Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Persian, Chinese, Sanskrit, Arabic, and Tamil-were alone classical languages and among them, Tamil alone has many ancient classical literatures. So, NASA's spacecraft sent to Mars, and world's largest Nayahara falls has Tamil words.

Tamil language was protected by not only Pandiya, Chera,  Chozha kings, but also Kalapirars, Moghals, Bamini, Vijayanagara kings. The recent findings at Porunai and Keezhadi  indicated our civilization is 3200 years old . Now, words of other languages intruded into Tamil.  Unfortunately, people are also speaking Tamil mixed with many English words. In those days, mothers fed kids by singing Tamil songs. Now, kids eat food by seeing videos in cellphone. However, none could destroy Tamil.

But, Tamil and Tamil culture would grow only if the teachers tell the glory of Tamil to our students, he advised. The Mutram secretary Senthilkumar, Tamil writers Dr DG Ramamurthy Retired Additional Treasury Officer Mohan Ram,  Pavala Sankari,  Thirumalai Azhagan, Gopinath, Nalani Ganesan, Namakkal Nathan, Sivakumar Anbalagan, VK Ponnaiya, were present.