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Today Date : Sunday, May 26, 2024

The double leaf symbol!

EdappadiPalaniswami was elected as the interim general secretary of the AIADMK General Committee. The resolution brought by NathamViswanathan was passed and O. PanneerSelvam was removed from the position of basic member of AIADMK. His supporters Vaithilingam, ManojPandian and JCD Prabhakar were also expelled from the party.

In this situation, O. PanneerSelvam, who met the press, said, "Nobody has the authority to remove me as the coordinator of AIADMK from the party. EdappadiPalanisami and K.P Munusami have no authority to remove me who was elected by one and a half crore volunteers as per party rules. "I order the removal of EdappadiPalaniswami and K.P Munusamy from the party, who have acted against the rules of the AIADMK party," he said.

Both the factions have taken turns to release announcements from the party. In this senario, the Tamil Nadu government has sealed the AIADMK head office. While the lock has been sealed, the Revenue Divisional Officer has sent a notice to EdappadiPalaniswami and O. Panneerselvam (OPS) to appear on July 25 to decide who owns it. The question has also arisen as to who will take over the head office and when.
OPS has announced that he would approach the court in this matter. Perhaps if Vaithilingam, ManojPandian and OPS resign their seats as MLAs, there will be by-elections for those seats. Political commentators predict that if the AIADMK splits into two factions during the elections, the party's symbol of the double leaf is likely to be disabled, as has already happened in the by-elections.The appeal is pending before the Election Commission. 

At the same time three persons are claiming leadership over AIADMK. Sasikala has claimed in the Election Commission that she is still the General Secretary of AIADMK. The appeal is pending before the Election Commission. At the same time OPS says he is the party Coordinator and the leader of the AIADMK. Thirdly Edappadi Palaniswamy is saying thathe is the temporary General Secretary of AIADMK and hence the party leader.

Due to this, all 3 people will approach the court in the future and claim the Two Leaves party symbol. Who is going to win this clash?That aside party activists are confused about where the AIADMK is headed. They are upset that they are ruining the party like this.When the problem goes to the court or the Election Commission, there may be a delay in getting a solution. A complete, strong AIADMK is only possible if it has a double leaf.
When will the AIADMK stand tall?