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The NRI retirement guide for investing in India in 2022

The NRI retirement guide for investing in India in 2022

NRIs looking for effective retirement investment plans in India should ideally opt for a diverse portfolio. Guaranteed Return Plan, Unit Linked Insurance Policy (ULIP), Capital Guarantee Plan, Annuity Plans says Vivek Jain, Head – Investments,

But, before selecting any one or multiple schemes, ensure you have done a thorough online research about the various funds and read all documents carefully. After all, investing your hard-earned money in a growing economy should generate desirable results. So, Invest Smart and Invest Right.

Mr. Vivek says NRIs should look for Unit Linked Insurance Policy (ULIP) as an investment option as it follows a hybrid investment that combines both insurance and investment. 

The premium is split into two parts- a life cover, while the other is invested in the financial markets. For NRIs, this alternative offers an opportunity to take advantage of the country’s stock market upside, which can yield better returns.. 

An annuity plan is a suitable investment option for risk-averse NRIs who want to improve cash in hand when the payouts start. 

However, the minimum age for this scheme is dependent on the insurance provider though it starts from 18 years and varies to 80-99 years