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Today Date : Thursday, May 23, 2024

The only way to avoid Corona curfew

The only way to avoid Corona curfew

The coronavirus is not the same as it was in the first wave. In many ways it has mutated. It has transformed itself into about 10 to 15 strains so far.  Scientifically speaking, there are two types of virus, RNA and DNA. Corona RNA virus keeps changing its shape which is difficult to control.When the coronavirus was in its first wave, it was fully understood and a vaccine was discovered to combat it. Finding the pattern of a virus takes a long time. There will be no major changes in its strain.

Currently, various vaccine research institutes around the world are conducting trials to find a vaccine against different strains of the Fan Corona. This research is currently being conducted in various countries. Like Dengue, Chikungunya, Avian Flu and other diseases, Corona virus has come to the list of diseases to be always careful about. Prevention is the only option until a complete vaccine is available.

Protecting ourselves with vaccines is now a second chance. The first option is to defend ourselves. It will take time before we find a vaccine and get it. But there is a possibility that the corona virus will move to its next strain in a shorter time than that. Therefore, rather than considering vaccination as the only option, we must first consider that there is an opportunity to protect ourselves.

The alarm bell has been blown that Corona is coming again. We can avoid crowded places by ourselves without waiting for the government to give notice. Make it a habit to wear a face mask. This is nothing new to us. Let's wear face shields again; Let's maintain social distance. Let's avoid the Corona lockdown!