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Today Date : Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Supreme Court's Condemnation Arrows

The Supreme Court's Condemnation Arrows

On May 3, violence erupted on May 3 as a rally by the Kuki tribe against the granting of tribal status to the majority Meitei people in Manipur.

 The violence has been going on for more than three months. A video of 2 tribal women being paraded naked has shaken the nation. Opposition MPs have been insisting that Prime Minister Modi should give an explanation in Parliament about this horrific incident. But the Union government keeps postponing it.
Along with this, the question continues to arise as to why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not yet visited Manipur and met the affected people. But PM Modi does not go to Manipur and participates in various programs. There is strong opposition to this across the country.

Meanwhile, the women affected by the Manipur violence filed a petition in the Supreme Court. The hearing on this petition came to the bench headed by Chief Justice Chandrachud yesterday. Then Chief Justice said, "Sexual violence took place on May 4 in Manipur? But why is there a delay of 18 days in registering a case? Why is there no name of the accused in those FIRs? Does the nearest police station know any information?"

A month later, on June 18, the case was sent to court. Why this delay? It is shocking that the police left the women to the criminal gangs. This is not an individual case like the Nirbhaya case. People should have faith in government administration,'' he said. Chief Justice Chandra Chute has also said that the Supreme Court will form a panel including women judges to investigate the Manipur riots.


Thus, the state government and the police have planned and covered up the brutality against women in Manipur. This has also been confirmed by the Supreme Court. Even after all this, the BJP Chief Minister of Manipur, who failed to take concrete action, has not yet resigned, which has caused pain to the people of the country.

Now the Supreme Court has taken this case in its hands. Let its condemnations put off the fire of riots in Manipur. May permanent peace return to Manipur!