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Today Date : Sunday, July 21, 2024

The tranquility of Coimbatore: Let us not allow to disrupt!

The tranquility of Coimbatore: Let us not allow to disrupt!

A car cylinder exploded near a Hindu temple in Fort area of Coimbatore and the person who was driving the car was killed. This created an unusual atmosphere in Coimbatore which created tension. Coimbatore police arrested 5 people in this connection. One more person was arrested today.

Coimbatore Police's swift action after the incident took place and DGP Sylendrababu's rapid arrival at the scene and intensive investigation that quickly began helped to allay the fears of the public. The investigation revealed a conspiracy to carry out terrorist activities to carry out bomb blasts in Coimbatore.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has ordered an investigation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as the conspiracies of the crime may be located across the border and has also ordered the establishment of new police stations in Coimbatore to ensure security. This has been welcomed by political party leaders including BJP president Annamalai.

There has been an attempt to stage a terrorist acts in Coimbatore. The truth is that God has saved the people of Coimbatore. Those who dared to indulge in this heinous act may still be hiding in Coimbatore. The only expectation of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, etc. living in the city is to find them and wipe out the terrorist gang completely. Islamic organizations have also expressed their support for this.

Even though the police have taken commendable action in this matter, the suspicion has also been raised that the Intelligence Unit has not worked properly. The car explosion took place in(Fort) area which needs to be vigilantly monitored. The Intelligence Unit should be vigilant so that such incidents do not happen again. Intelligence system should be strengthened.

The investigation is currently being conducted by the NIA. There is no doubt that its action will be such that terrorism cannot have a free run in Coimbatore again. The State Police is also ready to extend full cooperation.

The people of Coimbatore have been greatly affected by the series of blasts that have already taken place. The only thought that has arisen in the minds of the people of Coimbatore is that such an incident should not happen again. The safety of the people of Coimbatore should be ensured. Disruption of peace cannot be tolerated. There is no room for compromise!