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Today Date : Friday, April 19, 2024

There should be no compromise in helmet wearing

There should be no compromise in helmet wearing

According to Motor Vehicles Act Section 129, 1988 the driver and pillion rider have to wear helmet compulsorily. Although the helmet wearing rule is in force for long, the compliance level is low.
Many dread wearing a helmet and many wear it only while riding long distance and avoid it during short distance rides. Safety is important than distance of travel. Considering the rising loss of lives due to two wheeler accidents in Chennai, the rule requiring both driver and pillion rider has been made compulsory by the Chennai City Police. From today fine would be imposed for violations and checks have begun on Chennai roads.
As many as 98 road kills have occurred in Chennai due to avoidance of helmets. 80 of the dead were drivers and 18 were pillion riders according to police data.

There are many who drive vehicles without license and hundreds are being caught and pay fine during traffic police checks. Why does this happen? Many refuse to adhere to the rules or just ignore them. Compliance is more when there is no way to escape from the police. It means we are not prepared to obey the law but only out of fear of the police we wear helmets. Who can help if we do not take steps to protect ourselves?
Two wheeler drivers should realize that wearing helmet is a duty. Tamilnadu ranks as the state with highest number of road accidents. 

It is distressing to know that every day death due to accidents get recorded. It is high time the Chennai City Police has wielded the stick to tame the violators. This has to be extended throughout the state and should not confine to Chennai city. Stringent fine should be imposed until people dare not to even start the vehicle without wearing a helmet.

Helmet rule compliance helps avoiding death during accidents in a big way. This boon should never be ignored. Let not the driver or the pillion rider compromise on helmet wearing.