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Today Date : Sunday, April 14, 2024

There should be no  negligence towards Tamil

There should be no negligence towards Tamil

Class 10 Public examination results have been released recently. The shocking news is that 47,000 students failed in the Tamil subject. It is imperative to set up a team to find the real cause and find a solution.

It cannot be ignored that the status of Tamil Nadu students in mother tongue medium in Tamil  is so backward.There is no doubt that if this is not addressed, there will be a huge decline in the cultural journey of life of Tamils. It has become the necessary duty of the Government of Tamil Nadu to find the cause and remove the defect immediately. Appoint their required Tamil teachers and make the students interested in their mother tongue Tamil - Government of Tamil Nadu is obligatory.

There is no doubt that the Government of Tamil Nadu, which provides 20 per cent reservation for Tamil as first language , will pay immediate attention to this matter as well. Even if the government does its duty, Tamil organizations and literary organizations should pay special attention and carry out creative campaigns. 

Tamil home children who study English as a language of instruction should take Tamil as a language subject and study it carefully. Under no circumstances should we forget that our mother tongue is Tamil. Parents should take the main focus in this. 

The number of failures in the Tamil subject should be greatly reduced without continuing the current situation in the coming academic year public examination. It will definitely happen by the actions of the Tamil Nadu government; It is sure .Long live Tamil! well grow Tamil !!